Our Early Years Programme

All of our programmes bring Little Athletes into preschool and nursery settings. Our clients appreciate the unique, added dimension which Little Athletes add to a child’s physical and social development. We provide great exercise, but in a structured, fun and educational format which keeps children engaged throughout.

What we offer here at Little Athletes is a completely positive experience. It’s amazing how this early exposure makes children more willing to give new sports a go as they progress through their school years.

We have a variety of programmes which we offer to Nurseries and Pre-schools which work extremely well.   Our term time programmes include:

Our Multi-skills programme is a block of sessions where we focus our attention on 3 specific areas:

Agility & Movement

Balance & Co-ordination

Throwing & Catching

During these sessions we will concentrate our attention on the 3 specific areas. By playing and delivering a wide range of games and activities, each activity will challenge and stimulate the minds of our young children. Each activity will involve problem solving, teamwork, communication and understanding special awareness.

This programme is the perfect way to prepare your children for future classes or other programmes which you may want to take advantage of.

Our multi-sports programme is a block of sessions which introduces the group to various different sports such as Football, Tennis, Basketball, Athletics, Gymnastics and Dance.

Our multi- sports programme is a great way to introduce your children to different sports. Each week will have a different theme, for example, Basketball – and we will come and deliver a high quality basketball session for your children to enjoy during which we will play basketball themed games, and operate different practices such as shooting, target practice, and moving with and without a ball.

This programme is particularly helpful and beneficial if you are interested in our full annual programme. It will give us a good indication of where the group are at physically and it will give you the opportunity to see how the children take and adapt to the sessions both independently and as a group.

Term time only ( September  – July )