Supporting Nurseries

Little Athletes provides an enabling environment in which children’s learning is supported and extended by underpinning their Early Learning Journey and Early Years Development.

The importance of getting children active from an early age is crucial. Not only is it vital in enhancing their physical development but it can also greatly enhance other aspects of their progression too such as gaining confidence, understanding relationships and beginning teamwork. Here at Little Athletes we have a wide variety of pre-school sports activities and programmes that are perfect for young children. These services are designed to support schools and nurseries in their environment.

Our programmes combine a whole range of fun and educational activities which toddlers can enjoy and thrive upon. During each and every programme that we offer, children are introduced to various exercises which are all delivered in a fun, engaging and positive environment. A wide variety of equipment is used to create stimulating and entertaining games, from hoops and cones to other age-appropriate apparatus. Not only do the children get the chance to develop their physical skills but the inclusion of question time allows for development of cognitive and social skills too. Our all-round sessions are the perfect way to support nurseries in all six key areas of Early Years learning and development.