foundation stage prograMME

12 months - 4 years

Our foundation stage programme is specifically designed to develop your child's 'fundamental movement skills' through physical play.

We deliver our Foundation stage programme within nursery and school settings during term time only. We have a wide variety of themes and activities to choose from which are guaranteed to engage and energise your children!

Each session combines fun, excitement and challenges in a safe and caring environment using a wide variety of colourful, child friendly and age appropriate equipment. 

Balance   *   coordination   *   speed   *   strength   *   spatial awareness   *  throwing & catching   *  kicking     motor skills   *   abc's   *   numeracy   *   colours

Active play not only benefits your child's development, but social development to. Such as:

  • Self confidence

  • Self esteem

  • Friendships

  • Creativity

  • A sense of freedom 

  • And much more!

Every session includes:

  • ​Age appropriate and safe equipment

  • Lots of fun and energetic activities 

  • Independent Learning

  • Problem solving

  • Parental participation (if required)

  • Stamps or stickers for all participating children

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