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Joining our Soccer School

3 years - 6 years 

The Little Athletes Soccer School is aimed at children age 3 years - 6 years.

These sessions are specifically designed to develop your child's technical ability and footballing brain from Passing & Shooting, Turning & Dribbling to positional play & team work all in preparation for the small sided team games we will have at the end of each session! 

Our fun filled sessions will engage your child, and allow them to develop ( at there own pace ) in to the player that they want to become.

All sessions are inclusive, and all abilities are welcome - we will ensure that your little one has the perfect introduction to football.

Little Athletes - Football Club For Kids
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classes run locally

passing   *   shooting     dribbling   *   speed     spatial awareness   *   movement

Soccer School age Groups

On arrival: When you arrive at your venue, you will be shown to your pitch by one of your coaches. The squad will then be split into two different age groups.

This allows our coaches to plan and deliver age specific activities to get the most out of your child.

Each week, 1 player from each group will be awarded the ' STAR OF THE WEEK ' award for their hard work, and dedication!


super Strikers

3 years - 4.5 years 

Super Strikers is a BIG step up form our Little Ballers programme where you are now able to practice those SUPER-STAR skills in a more structured and competitive environment with a whole new bunch of friends!


Little Pro's

4.5 years - 6 years 

Little Pro's is the next step up from our super strikers programme where you are now able to develop your technical and tactical skills in smaller groups whilst working on skills such as a ball control, turning into space, passing with both feet, dribbling, shooting, and positional play all in preparation for the small 4 vs 4  games that will take place at the end of every session to develop your team play!


We also offer...


Our 1-to-1 coaching puts your child at the centre of the learning rather than in a team environment where there are 8-10 other players. This form of training provides the perfect opportunity for us to focus in on your child’s strengths and weaknesses and will allows us focus our time on developing those skill sets.

Our small group training sessions are a combination of private coaching and game based learning. This allows the same level of repetitive practice and feedback as in a private lesson; our small group’s sessions are perfect for football teams, groups of friends or siblings.


Our small group sessions are perfect for your child if:


  • Your child loves being challenged

  • Like to train within a group/team environment

  • Wants to develop their technical and tactical skills

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Come along and showcase your skills for a chance to win the coveted Little Athletes trophy!
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What Our Customers Say


Little Athletes has been so good for my little boy. His confidence has grown week after week since being there which has been amazing! Super thankful to the coaches for being so patient and pushing him to get stuck in and learn all the skills he now knows. They make every child feel welcome no matter what their ability! Kailum absolutely loves it. I would 100% recommend it not only just for football but for their confidence too!

Tyler - Parent

As a growing franchise, our Soccer School sessions are now popping up all over the UK!

Find a class near you!


If you would like more information or to book a place onto a soccer school near you, then get in touch with us today! 


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