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Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Regular physical activity is good for everyone.

For babies and young children regular physical activity is important for healthy growth and development.  From childhood onwards, regular physical activity is important for:

  • Maintaining good health.

  • Preventing the development of health risk factors or poor health.

  • Enhancing self-confidence and social skills.

Proven benefits of regular physical activity across the lifespan include:

  • Healthy growth and development.

  • Building strong hearts, muscles and bones.

  • Acquisition of fundamental motor skills.

  • Improved movement, balance, coordination and reaction time.

  • Increased mental awareness.

  • Improved social skills, self -esteem and confidence.

  • Healthy weight management.

  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease.

  • Prevention of Type II diabetes.

Benefits of Active Play

All babies and children should be encouraged to participate in regular active play every day. Regular active play helps babies and children to develop a lifelong habit of daily exercise and life skills such as:

  • Communication and social skills

  • An understanding of social rules

  • Friendships

  • A sense of ‘give and take’Patience and perseverance

  • An understanding of others

  • Teamwork and a sense of belonging


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